Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time For A Change?

Good Morning Leaders!


Yes, that's YOU! But, do you have some days
when you don't feel much like a leader?

When you feel that your business isn't going right?

I've got good news for you! WE ALL DO!

And the BETTER NEWS is that feeling that way can be a good thing! "How??", you ask...

Sometimes Success and Change come from feeling dissatisfied, if not downright disgusted with your

life, your weight, your finances or your business!

And the BEST NEWS is that you can become better at any of those things, starting TODAY!

You can become a Better Leader TODAY!

You can make the changes you need in your life TODAY!

It's as simple as making a decision. "But I have so many problems", you think.

"I don't have any money to promote my business", you think.

"My family doesn't support me", you think. All those are real situations that we face.

But those things don't have to stop us! Zig Ziglar said: "If you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T, you are probably right!"

Take a 9 minute break for some great inspiration:

The thoughts we think lead us to the actions we take, which lead us to the results we have!

Want to change your results? Change your thoughts! Change the things you let into your head every day!

Turn off the bad news, turn on an mp3 or cd of an inspiring speaker!

If you're not in charge of your life, who is??

You can decide TODAY to turn your life around, business or personal, good, bad or even if you're happy and

just want life to be even better! "If it is to be, it's up to me!" A classic saying, yet true!

I'm a small town girl who has built a huge business all over the country.

Am I smarter, stronger, more beautiful or charming than anyone else?

Nah. Just determined and motivated! And willing to do what it takes and learn the skills I don’t

know today so that I can become better tomorrow! If I can work towards accomplishing my goals, so can you!

And, I'm here to help! Need ideas? A little extra motivation? Want to improve skills?

I'm always up for a cup of coffee ... and I'll even buy! LOL ! Let's share great ideas as we build our businesses together!

and change our lives, our families’ fortunes, and the lives of people around us for the better!

So, what’s stopping you today? Change your thoughts. Change your Actions. Change your Results.
Give me a call or email me here today!

Here's to Your Success!

Sue Mazza

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