Monday, January 26, 2009

The Road to Procrastination Never Leads to a Good Destination.

The Road to Procrastination Never Leads to a Good Destination

When I first heard these words, I mentally filed them away with all the other great “sayings” I hear, thinking to myself… Yes, that’s true… I’ll have to really think about that… LATER

Well Later is generally too late and tomorrow never comes, by then it is today!

So, let’s see.. Has Procrastination ever led me to a good destination?

When I procrastinated on dropping off a catalog for my business to the office near me, and then a week later walked in to find out that someone else had beat me to it now. Darn.. guess that girl got lucky.

When I was sure those airline tickets to LA would go down, and had to pay an extra $150 four hours later to book my flight. Gee, those airlines are fickle.

When I lost that traffic ticket and found it buried in pile of papers 6 weeks later, and my $75 ticket now cost me $225. Those traffic cops… don’t they have anything better to do, catch Criminals?

When I ate that piece of cherry pie and said.. I really will start my diet tomorrow, then stepped on the scale and found I was up 10 pounds over the last two weeks instead of down.. C’mon on… my scale Must be broken

When I meant to call that prospect back and finally found of paper I had written it on, two weeks later, and he isn’t interested any longer. People, what’s with them anyways?

Catch a common thread? Have you ever had a similar experience?

Why do we procrastinate?

· Bad Time Management
· Fear of Failure
· Fear of Success
· Not sure we know enough about a subject
· Laziness
· Easily Distracted
· Low Self Esteem

Just to name a few.

Procrastination almost always costs us something.
Costs in Time, Money, Relationships, Self Image.

So how do we stop this cycle and break free? Break free to start building happy, exciting, productive lives for ourselves both personally and in our business?

There are a million articles and books about this, but I’m going to suggest one very simple, baby step.

Do the One.

What is the ONE THING that would make the most difference in:

Your Health?
Your Marriage?
Your Finances?
Your Business?
Your Relationships?

Here’s a personal example that worked for me.


I finally started this when I went down to the laundry room and found that the pile of clean laundry on the table was higher than my head. Just a little procrastination? You bet!
I mean, which of us doesn’t have a million more important things to do than fold laundry? Except of course when we need those clean socks, then try to match them from a 6 foot pile!

So, I made myself a deal. JUST FOLD 5.

Each time I went down to the laundry room, I would fold 5. That’s all I was required to do. No biggie, I can do that in about 1 minute. But it was amazing. I finished the 5 and then, actually, folded some more. And the job got done. Finally. Now, every time I go downstairs, I fold 5. Sometimes more. Sometimes just 5. Sometimes I actually catch myself arguing with myself about the simple task of folding 5 towels! But I passed the test. I CAN FOLD AT LEAST 5 ! And that makes me a winner in my little game.
Guys, maybe you don't fold the laundry. Maybe you have an overflowing recycling box next to your desk, or a light bulb out that you've been being nagged to change. Maybe it's laundry.

So, what else can we do?

What’s the one thing that YOU can do in each of those areas above that would make the most difference? Doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be making one phone call to an customer to set up delivery. Taking the dog for a 5 minute walk. Returning the blockbuster video to avoid fees, even though you drove by there 6 times already this weekend.

Making the appointment for your physical. Picking up milk the next time you stop at the gas station. Filing away the credit card you used for holiday purchases (even when you knew you shouldn’t) that is still in your wallet 30 days later. Placing one classified ad for just $5.00 to grow your business. Folding 5 things.

For the next 30 days, agree with yourself, and with me to DO THE ONE.

Pick 1 item from each of the 5 above, or add a category if you must, but don’t overdo! Remember, we are taking baby steps.

Each night write down the one thing you must do in each of those areas before you go on to do all the other urgent and important things in your life.

(Hint, put this pad of paper by your bathroom sink where you brush your teeth – you HAVE to go there anyways. Putting it on the kitchen table, office desk, etc may cause you to actually procrastinate from just going into the room for fear you’ll see the note! Our subconscious is a powerful procrastinator!)

Then, each morning, DO THE ONE.

Fold the 5.
Make the call.
Pay the bill.

Just try it for 30 days and let me know how it goes.
You can do it, just taking that little action will make all the difference in your life by the end of the 30 days.

DO THE ONE. Do it , really, now.

Here’s to Your Success!

Sue Mazza,
CEO , SuccessfulYou, Inc.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day


It’s been pretty snowy here in Chicagoland, as well as where many of you live. Normally, I’d just ignore it for the most part, but as my husband Lou has been out of town, (most recently in Vegas, can you believe it!), I’ve been the one out shoveling the driveway and keeping things warm and cozy.

My daughter a junior at Naperville Central, was excited and anxiously waiting to hear that her school had a snow day. She was SO disappointed to find that despite the cold and snow, that life goes on and that school was open.

It made me think of how we sometimes treat our business. Sometimes we just want a SNOW DAY! A day to do nothing, when absence from life and responsibility Is not only acceptable, but even approved by the powers that be!

And you know what?
An occasional SNOW DAY is a GREAT THING!
We get a chance to rest, to play and to step away from the busyness of our business!

But think what would happen if my 16 year old, or any student, had a snow day EVERY DAY! Sounds good at first, but long term, maybe not so good.

We wouldn’t learn anything, and likely be Stuck at the same point in our life for a very long time. School is as much about personal development as educational learning.

Our business is the same. Is your Business Stagnant? Been stuck in the same place for longer than you’d like?

Maybe it’s time to come back from that Holiday Vacation and Heat Things Up in your Business!

How to do that?

1. Give yourself a break!
Don’t beat yourself up for what you HAVEN’T DONE, let’s get to work on what YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH in 2009! For a great article on Resolutions and Motivation, check out: Be sure to give yourself time Each Day for Personal and Professional Development so you become better at who and what you are and do.

2. Take Stock of Where You Are.
When I use mapquest, I have to know my starting point so I know the best route to get me to my destination.
Same with our business. You may fear it, you may not like it, but it’s vital that you know exactly where you are in your business.

Make a 90 Day Plan to help you get real about your goals. Get your goals on paper and into reality! Once you've set your 90 day Plan, break it down into month, week and day.

3. Decide what you want to accomplish with your Business in 2009.
Do you want to advance in rank within your company? Become a top Sales Leader? Sponsor 2 - 3 new team members each week?

Just like mapquest, if I don’t choose a destination, I can never get to where I want to go without an end in mind. In fact, here’s an important Point.
Set the goal, then work backward so that you set action steps to achieve those goals.
Do the same with moving forward in your Personal Sales. Find out what it takes in your company to achieve your personal and financial goals and then set out to accomplish it.

My friend Mike Potillo told me: Procrastination NEVER leads to a Good Destination.
The first phone call is always the hardest. The first time you pass out a magazine, cd or flyer is always the most intimidating. It’s SO much easier after the first time!

Take Action Today, Tomorrow, and The Next Day!
(For some great ACTION IDEAS, drop me a line)

5. Find a “Workout Partner”.
Upline, Downline, Crossline – partner up with someone so you can encourage each other to achieve all your goals and Dreams in 2009! Your Sponsor can't do it all. Partnering for success with other like-minded people is a vital leadership skill.

6. Get Involved!
Break away from the TV or whatever and come to the leadership meeting, the sales Rally, the Company Event or Generic Sales Training Seminar. Don’t Be A Lone Ranger! Let the excitement of others help fuel your excitement as you fuel others. You’ll be AMAZED how much better You feel about yourself, and your business when you come to an event with other like-minded people. Invest in yourself!

Here's To Your Success!

Sue Mazza

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's the question -
Are you a Winner or a Loser?
And perhaps a better Question -
Which do you PURPOSE to Be?
I believe success is a choice. Not a chance. Not luck. Not Fate.
We Succeed On Purpose.
I came across this quote by Albert Gray, a 30 year veteran and Sales Leader
in the Insurance Profession and lifelong student of success.
He said:

Winners have simply formed the
habit of doing things losers
don't like to do."

As Jim Rohn would say, "Well, Isn't that interesting"
How many of us have looked at a sports figure, or a movie or rock star and thought,
"They are so lucky" They have it all!
We can see the evidence of their success. The fancy cars, houses, jewelry, designer clothes, even designer dogs!
What we don't see are the endless hours of practice, the relentless preparation and self-motivation behind the success!
Was Michael Jordan born a famous Basketball Star?

Did Whitney Houston always sing like an Angel?
Each person we look up to, each of our heroes has spent many hours, days, sometimes decades working to become better at whatever they do, yet we only see the recognition, the accolades, and the success that is the manifestation of that hard work.
What do you want to be known for?

Being a great parent?
A more dedicated worker?
Someone who finally did lose that extra 20 pounds... and kept it off?
Finally becoming Debt-Free?
A Holier Person?
A Successful Leader in Your Business?
You (and I) can achieve all we desire - IF we will just pay the price and set ourselves without wavering to achieve our goal.

The quote above by Albert Gray holds true for achieving success in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE!
When January 2010 rolls around, some people reading this will have achieved many goals in their personal and professional life and will have moved forward towards a life of abundance and freedom.
Others will not.
They'll be in the same rut they started in on January 1, 2009, wishing and hoping for more.

I challenge you to make 2009 the year when people will say:

"That was when she decided to become a

I'm here to partner with you on the journey.
Let's meet, have a cup of coffee, brainstorm together and make a plan for you, for Your Business, to make this year, 2009 the Turning Point in your business!
You can do it! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Sue Mazza
President, SuccessfulYou,Inc.

P.S. Want to Read More? Check out “The Common Denominator of Success” by Albert E.N. Gray