Friday, November 7, 2008

You can't Hire other People to Do your PUSHUPS FOR YOU!

This quote is from one of my favorite trainers, Jim Rohn (
We can hire people to do all kinds of things for us in our business.. pass out our brochures, samples and magazines, make phone calls, even deliver our orders for us.

But some things, we have to do for ourselves. As much as I (and we) get excited by ideas I learn from great trainers and motivators like Jim Rohn, or Tom "BIG AL" Schreiter ( ), that motivation only lasts a short time.
If you are at all like me, we encounter challenges in our business sometimes that take the wind out of our sails a bit. Maybe a customer doesn't place a re-order, or a new team member doesn't follow through on her plan.

Sometimes "life" just gets us down.
But, we can't hire someone to do our pushups for us!

But the key to getting results from our "pushups", and seeing results in our business is to move into action. Do the first pushup.. then another. Go pass out a few more samples, or stop into the video store on a Friday and Saturday afternoon and leave some company literature! (Hint - Don't leave too many or go on other "slow" days or someone might re-fill that rack by the "out" door and toss them, but the stores are busy on Fri and Sat and it's a great time to leave them there then!)

Set aside 15 minutes on Sunday night to plan out your week, for both personal and professional events and actions. Then be sure that you are prepared to take action. Got biz cards and labeled materials in back of the car, ready to go? It does you no good sitting on your shelf!

Make time for personal development - the most important "pushup" of all!

Schedule your web office to send out emails to customers and your team for important specials, announcements and events so that people can learn about your products, services and team even while you are sleeping!

Find a mentor, or a "workout partner" with whom you can share ideas and be accountable with... it's always easier to "workout" when you have a partner!

Most important, as A. L. Williams says: JUST DO IT!

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