Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's the question -
Are you a Winner or a Loser?
And perhaps a better Question -
Which do you PURPOSE to Be?
I believe success is a choice. Not a chance. Not luck. Not Fate.
We Succeed On Purpose.
I came across this quote by Albert Gray, a 30 year veteran and Sales Leader
in the Insurance Profession and lifelong student of success.
He said:

Winners have simply formed the
habit of doing things losers
don't like to do."

As Jim Rohn would say, "Well, Isn't that interesting"
How many of us have looked at a sports figure, or a movie or rock star and thought,
"They are so lucky" They have it all!
We can see the evidence of their success. The fancy cars, houses, jewelry, designer clothes, even designer dogs!
What we don't see are the endless hours of practice, the relentless preparation and self-motivation behind the success!
Was Michael Jordan born a famous Basketball Star?

Did Whitney Houston always sing like an Angel?
Each person we look up to, each of our heroes has spent many hours, days, sometimes decades working to become better at whatever they do, yet we only see the recognition, the accolades, and the success that is the manifestation of that hard work.
What do you want to be known for?

Being a great parent?
A more dedicated worker?
Someone who finally did lose that extra 20 pounds... and kept it off?
Finally becoming Debt-Free?
A Holier Person?
A Successful Leader in Your Business?
You (and I) can achieve all we desire - IF we will just pay the price and set ourselves without wavering to achieve our goal.

The quote above by Albert Gray holds true for achieving success in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE!
When January 2010 rolls around, some people reading this will have achieved many goals in their personal and professional life and will have moved forward towards a life of abundance and freedom.
Others will not.
They'll be in the same rut they started in on January 1, 2009, wishing and hoping for more.

I challenge you to make 2009 the year when people will say:

"That was when she decided to become a

I'm here to partner with you on the journey.
Let's meet, have a cup of coffee, brainstorm together and make a plan for you, for Your Business, to make this year, 2009 the Turning Point in your business!
You can do it! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Sue Mazza
President, SuccessfulYou,Inc.

P.S. Want to Read More? Check out “The Common Denominator of Success” by Albert E.N. Gray

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Adriane Koplien said...

What a powerful blog. I would love to share it with my Representatives at the Sales Meeting tonight.