Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Want More Customers and Recruits? Here's how to get them.

Today, let's talk about something near and dear to the hearts of many representatives and affiliates in direct sales and network marketing companies worldwide.

How do we find new customers and team members to increase our sales and earnings?

Let's face it, this tough economy has affected alot of people. And in many cases, our current customers aren't buying as much from us, or purchasing as often.

How then do we expand our customer base without alot of time and work?

Well, we need to meet some new people. We can’t just stay with what we’ve been doing so far.

We can do this a few ways:

* Join a club or group to meet new prospective customers and recruits

* Partner up with another rep in another company to do a Valentine's Day
or Spring Showcase

* Ask current customers to take a catalog, flyer or brochure to work and leave in their break- room

* Ask current customers for referrals of friends who might like your product or service.

* Visit an office building and pass out some free samples and books

* Send an email to everyone you have a business card from with the link to your website and invite them to become our customer or investigate our business.
(You might want to work with your upline to develop some good email copy so this is more effective for you.)

* Add a signature line to our emails so that when we reply to all on those silly joke emails, they get a teaser line that creates curiosity and your website link.

There are lots of ways to find new customers. These are just a few.

But we also are busy people and we don't want to have to work harder! Just smarter!

So, think of this too. When we meet someone in the grocery store, or at a party, or in the business section of the bookstore, we don't have alot of time with them. We don't have days or months to build a relationship. So how do you present your business to them?

Well, first of all, don't start with all the neat benefits of being a rep with your company. Don't bother telling them all about the wonderful earnings, the prizes, the trips, the incredible products, the whole history of the company, etc.

Instead, remember that people buy things to solve a problem.

So ask a few questions to postition yourself and your presentation so that you can solve a problem for your prospective customer or recruit.

Talk about how becoming a customer of yours can save them lots of time and money. They can shop from the comfort of their couch without having to go out in the cold and snow. And they'll save money too.

They don't even have to leave their favorite TV show and answer the door when you deliver. They can relax and just bring in their package when they come in from work!

Of course, if they want more personal service, you are right there to give them helpful ideas, suggestons and delivery at their convenience.

And if you are looking for prospective team members, tell them how your company can make it easier for them to pay bills with that extra check every campaign, or how can pay for their next Disney Vacation or even provide the extra car for the spouse.

Prospects don't care how great your product or opportunity is at first.. They simply care about their problems.

So, all you have to do is ask a few questions.. find out what they need, and then offer them a solution.

Not everyone is ready to make a change, but some will and those are the ones you want!
This way, you don't have to be pushy and you can just take the volunteers! It's easier that way.

But you can't keep your business a secret, let everyone know you are open for business and looking for new customers and team members!

Do this consistently every week and soon you'll have a bunch of new, happy customers and team members doing business with you!

Here's to Your Success!

Sue Mazza


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